Home Cooking Tips For Busy People

So many of us live such busy lives, either working long hours in a demanding job or perhaps an overflowing social calendar. Responsibilities like these can mean that you spend fewer evenings at home and less time than you’d like making delicious home cooked meals.

Here are some top tips to help make finding the time for this daily ritual a breeze:

Make Ahead of Time

A Sunday well spent can bring a week, or sometimes even longer, of tasty meals. Building up a solid repertoire of five or six meals that you can batch cook on a Sunday evening, section into portions, and then pop in the freezer means that even on the busiest of days there will be a gorgeous home cooked meal ready to be warmed and eaten.

 Slow Cooker Magic

A slow cooker is the ultimate kitchen gadget for busy people! All manner of warming meals, such as soups and stews, can be set to simmer on a low heat in the morning and will be ready to eat when you walk through the door at the end of the day. Plus, you get the added bonus of returning to the comforting smell of home cooking.

Quick Stir Fry

This might sound a little cliché, but learning how to make a seriously great stir fry is a blessing for all of us with hectic lives. You get the satisfaction of cooking from scratch without spending an age preparing ingredients and waiting forever for your meal to cook. Fast, tasty and healthy too – with so many different variations you’re bound to find one that everyone will love.

Get It Delivered

Not a takeaway but absolutely everything you need to make quick and mouth watering home cooked meals – from the recipe, to the ingredients and even specialty kitchen equipment – can be delivered to your door on a weekly subscription basis. There are lots of different brands offering this service, so weigh up which one sounds right for you and never run out of ideas (or ingredients) again!

Preparation Is Key

Similar to the first tip, but for those who may not have the time to spare to batch cook at the weekend. Take just half an hour before bed each night to prepare the ingredients needed for dinner the next day: cut, chop, blend and set anything out that needs defrosting, then it’s all ready for you ahead of time to cook when you get home the next day.

With these great tips even the least organised of us can find a way to fit healthy, home cooked meals into their daily routine. Many people find calm in their cooking, others relish the time spent around the table with family, either way your busy life needn’t get in the way of home cooked joy!

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